Kraft packaging

The growing environmental awareness of consumers is changing the appearance of store shelves.

Today, in every product category in stores, we can find packaging made of recycled materials – including unbleached kraft cardboard.




What products can be packed in kraft boxes?

From the experience of our customers and observation of store shelves, we know that each!
We produced kraft packaging, boxes and cartons, e.g. for: cosmetics, dietary supplements, electronics, perfumes, food products, games, gifts and product sets.

Are kraft boxes durable?

Yes. Kraft packaging is a good, convenient and durable solution. They have the same basis weights of 300g, 340g and 400g/m2 and similar thicknesses to the traditional cardboard type GC1 or Arktika.
Usually, however, they are not laminated, which gives them an additional character. The lack of foiling is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, the packaging remains fully recyclable, but it does not have an additional reinforcement of the coating.

Why is it worth betting on eco printing?

Kraft boxes are the perfect solution for all customers who care about protecting our planet. If you want to minimize the use of harvested wood raw material in a common way, it is worth using sustainable management solutions. A perfect example of this are kraft boxes made of recycled paper (waste paper), which is why their impact on the ecosystem is negligible and marginal.

It is worth knowing that we only have one planet, and the galloping consumerism and the fact that customers are used to using separate boxes for each product makes it difficult to reverse this trend. An effective way is ecology, i.e. modern thought, according to which it is worth taking care of the natural resources of our planet and using once-used raw materials. Thanks to the use of kraft raw materials, we can combine care for the environment with the need to ensure safe and attractive packaging. Kraft boxes are made of recycled material, which is why their purchase actually contributes to reducing the negative human impact on the natural environment.

What quantity of boxes can I order?

Thanks to the fact that we print kraft cardboard both in digital and offset technology, you can order any print run. We have already produced boxes from single producer designs, through short series for influencers, to full production of thousands of copies.


Brown boxes with white and full color printing!

Packaging made of kraft raw material, which has a beautiful, natural shade, can be printed in many ways. The basic and most common form is printing in one white or black color. However, it is also possible to apply full-color graphics in CMYK colors, using a white underprint, which ensures the reflection of the full color palette – despite the brown color of the raw material. A great effect is also achieved by embossing white or colored foil using the hot-stamping technique. This solution is especially popular for premium products.

Compliance with nature does not have to have a negative impact on high quality

Proponents of ecology know perfectly well that kraft packaging has the same quality, performance parameters and special features as cardboard was created in a common way. Many skeptics mistakenly assume that organic production must also be visible in the finished product. This is a big mistake. Kraft packaging is perfect for all applications. They can be used to pack new products.

Not without significance is the fact that kraft boxes are very grateful in terms of processing, which is why their smooth and uniform surface can be used to print the most sophisticated patterns in white and black, as well as in the full spectrum of colors using a white background. Thanks to this, they can also be used when packing luxury and elegant items.

Features and general characteristics of kraft boxes

Kraft packaging has a direct impact on the image of a given company. Modern consumers treat companies that produce their products in harmony with nature as trustworthy and professional, which look at the world a little more broadly. For this reason, we encourage you to order kraft boxes from our company today. We provide instant order execution and excellent customer service, we will also be happy to provide a lot of additional information by phone and e-mail and dispel any doubts about our services.

For 30 years, we have been increasing the number of services we offer and every year we expand our offer with new solutions that are particularly well received by our contractors. Kraft packaging is one of the products that deserves special interest among people who care about ecology, for whom the future of our planet and its current fate matter. We provide instant implementation and an excellent approach to each service.

Can I order a packaging prototype?

Yes, our packaging constructor will develop even the most original ideas for the packaging of your products. We will print sample packaging in a digital edition, and we will cut them out on a plotter, without the need to invest in a punch. Thanks to this – you can see and test your boxes before full production!







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