Cardboard boxes



Print in a full range of colors and refinements

Products that require special colors or unique color repeatability can be printed with the full CMYK + Pantone palette. We also use Pantone Metallic colors – the metallic color palette gives very interesting effects.
Refinements also offer a wide range of possibilities: matte foil, satin and soft touch foiling, selective UV varnish and hot-stamping with multicolored foils give the boxes a unique effect.

Box forms

We have a very large number of ready-made forms, nets and punches for popular forms of packaging.
Classic cardboard boxes: facade and flap boxes, as well as more non-standard: two-piece, pyramid boxes, boxes with windows, tear-offs. Single, double and multi-point glued. Glue-free folding boxes.

Cardboard boxes have many uses and are very popular on the market. They effectively protect even the most delicate content made of brittle and susceptible to mechanical damage materials. Above all, however, they are responsible for the aesthetic, marketing and advertising of a given product. Cardboard boxes are a great choice also for companies producing devices, accessories and machines, e.g. alcohol, coffee and tea, or clothing and leather goods. In their case, it is worth betting on cardboard boxes with a print chosen by the ordering party and placing your logo, motto or company message on it.

Design possibilities

We surprise our customers with non-standard constructions dedicated to product sets, products with non-standard forms and shapes. Thanks to this, we were able to create a packaging that protects even very non-standard products: electronics, perfumes, medicines. Many times, thanks to our consulting in the field of packaging production, we have eliminated the need to use plastic inserts, moldings or pillows in packaging. Creative cardboard boxes give almost unlimited possibilities for packaging products. Check us out – you will be surprised!

Customized cardboard boxes have an impact on the company’s image

It is worth knowing that cardboard boxes with a window or solid versions have a huge impact on the image of the manufacturer. Tailored packaging made of high-quality material makes the product visually attractive and attracts the customer with its design. The same applies to high-resolution printing, which looks great especially on products intended for a gift, i.e. sophisticated teas, coffee beans, jewelry, porcelain products, etc.

Precisely designed printed cardboard boxes give the impression of luxury and increase the professionalism of the company in the eyes of consumers. Beautiful colors with high saturation and the high quality of the cardboard used say a lot about the approach of the selected company, which pays attention to even seemingly insignificant additions. Particularly interesting are unusual forms and shapes, which in themselves constitute an unconventional solution that every customer certainly pays a lot of attention to.

Why is it worth to outsource the production of printed cardboard boxes to our company?

Our Betmor Printing House has been setting trends on the market for 30 years and currently our services are used by both start-ups, i.e. companies taking their first steps in business, as well as large corporations with an established position on the international market. Thanks to many years of experience, we have adapted our entire offer to the current needs of the market. This can be seen, among others, in the particularly advanced machinery park, which includes the most modern devices, machines and accessories. Thanks to them, our small as well as large cardboard boxes with a print or with a window are made flawlessly and in accordance with the requirements of the client.

We invite you to buy cardboard boxes. We will be happy to help at every stage of production and together we will develop the best strategy for their production. As one of the largest manufacturers of cardboard boxes in Poznań, we provide individual service and the possibility of implementing the most unusual and creative custom packaging. We also guarantee low prices in relation to the quality of our work, as well as a friendly approach at every stage.

Check out our capabilities

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