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Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in buying products online. However, this does not mean that you should completely abandon your offline marketing activities. A beautifully developed product catalog in the form of a brochure or an advertising prospectus will certainly support everyday work with the client and increase his interest in a given offer. For this reason, it is worth taking care of this type of company’s business card and appreciating the professionalism of a printed advertising catalog full of photos of designer furniture, special features of electronics or containing a portfolio of cosmetics presented on elegant paper. As a printing house with many years of experience, we are able to offer excellent conditions for cooperation in this field, which is why we encourage you to contact us today.

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Printed product catalogs – reflect the nature of the product

Despite the rapid development of product promotion via the Internet, it is still the nobility of the printed catalog that facilitates the sale of many products. Photos of designer furniture, special features of electronics or a portfolio of cosmetics, presented on elegant paper, support everyday work with the client.

Product catalogs perfectly reflecting the nature of the offered goods

The product catalogs offered by our printing house are a form of product presentation willingly chosen by customers. In addition, at the same time, they are also an excellent work tool for salespeople who can present such a properly prepared company prospectus to the client during the meeting and thus present all the possibilities of your company. This type of marketing activities allows detailed reproduction of product photos, their colors and description of specific features that a potential customer should pay attention to. In addition, browsing each subsequent page is extremely pleasant and interesting due to the beautiful and aesthetic design that will certainly meet all your expectations. An advertising catalog can perfectly emphasize the nature of the products offered, which will also translate into even greater interest from contractors.


What to pay attention to when designing product catalogs?

Product catalogs are a kind of advertisement, so it is worth considering their design in the smallest detail. First of all, it is worth making sure that all information on the catalog pages, including technical data, tables and charts, are easy to read and understandable. In addition, you should take care of the visual side, i.e. attractive and high-quality graphics with accurate product descriptions along with their most important features. Maintaining diligence also applies to correctly placed punctuation marks, lack of spelling errors, or the use of appropriate text size. However, in this matter, it is worth keeping moderation, because the flood of information can scare off a potential customer. The best solution is to focus on specifics and the most important details. An alternative to content can be interesting schemes that will attract customers’ attention. It is also worth taking care of the graphic background and the appropriate combination of colors that will not adversely affect the readability of the advertising brochure.

Printed but ecological!

Thanks to the use of ecological paper and printing inks with BIO components, even a traditional printed brochure can be environmentally friendly. Many of our clients took advantage of our advice and successfully decided to implement printing on ecological raw materials with Ecolabel, FSC, PEFC or the prestigious Blue Angel certificates.
From the moment of establishing our printing house, we have been promoting ecological solutions in the field of printing – minimizing the impact of printed materials on the environment.

Ecological solutions used by our printing house

In our work, we use ecological paper and printing inks with BIO components, thanks to which even a traditional printed advertising brochure can be environmentally friendly. After consultations with our advisors, many customers decided to implement printing on ecological raw materials with Ecolabel, PEFC or the prestigious Blue Angel certificates. Since the establishing of our printing house, we have been trying to promote ecological solutions at all costs, which is especially appreciated by our contractors.

Find out about the types of catalogs that we can prepare for you

Advertising brochures are extremely popular products that give many opportunities to present your products in an interesting way. Variable number of pages and inputs, as well as various printing techniques or binding, allow you to adjust the product catalog to the individual needs of a given company. We print low volumes using digital technology, while for larger volumes we use the advantages of offset technology.

We can make information brochures with sewn and glued binding. In addition, an interesting solution is also advertising catalogs in a spiral binding, which are the most popular in industrial sectors. For us, small editions mean even one piece, and large ones reach hundreds of thousands of pieces. We can print them, bind them, pack them in packages and deliver them to any place in Poland. Trust us today!


With care for the environment, we implement custom constructions and ecological cardboard boxes made of recycled and kraft paper such as kraftliner or twin kraft.







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