Ecological packaging and boxes

Your products can be wrapped in a planet-friendly way – we can print them on ecological, recycled paper. What’s more, by using paints with BIO components, we reduce the share of chemicals in the production process! If you do not have an idea for packaging construction yet – we will create a new construction and deliver a printed prototype for you.

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Certificates and ecological labels

Among the cardboard boxes, we can offer you both 100% recycled raw materials and papers from certified sources of sustainable forest management.
The method of producing cardboard for printing is certified by renowned brands and institutions, such as Ecolabel, FSC and PEFC, or Blue Angel (Blauer Engel). Above institutions assess both the origin of its acquisition, including reducing the chemical impact on the environment, e.g. as a result of a chlorine-free cardboard bleaching process.

Printed but ecological!

When printing on eco materials, you can choose solutions printed in selected colors – e.g. white printing on kraft materials. Thanks to the use of less environmentally impacting paints with BIO components, your packaging will be more environmentally friendly. Take advantage of our advice, we know ecological solutions in the field of packaging production.

Ecological boxes – learn about their advantages

As a producer of ecological packaging, we are happy to prove that distinguishing a brand and increasing its recognition among customers does not have to involve large financial outlays. Numerous studies show that the majority of consumers are visual learners who, at the first moment, pay attention to the design of the packaging when choosing and buying interesting products. In contrast, its appearance does not have to be avant-garde, because a great suggestion is also to choose simple solutions that are well remembered. The great advantage of the eco packaging offered is the great freedom in choosing the size or shape, because we even implement very demanding and completely unconventional projects in any quantity. In addition, each ecological box designed by us is made with attention to the smallest details, from the highest quality recycled paper, which allows them to be recycled. Such a solution greatly influences the future of our planet, which is why it is worth emphasizing this fact to your customers. However, not only raw materials are ecological. Our boxes are refined using hot-stamping methods, using white eco ink and selective UV varnish or with other refinements, thanks to which the prints are durable and resistant to damage.


Features of ecological cardboard

Ecological cardboard boxes have a very wide range of colors and bleaches. Among them you will find the most popular natural, unbleached shades today: brown kraft, recycled gray. In the case of packaging that requires the white color of the cardboard, we also use two-sided differentiated solutions – on the one hand, kraft, on the other, bleached and bleached on both sides. For customers planning to print on both sides, we will select eco-friendly raw materials from materials that are bleached on both sides, such as GC1 or Arktika cardboard.
Ecological box cartons are perfect for the production of packaging, including: food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, as well as for industrial products. Selected raw materials also have food certificates.

Dedicated packaging and inserts constructions

Your product needs a new packaging design – we will design it for you and provide you with a packaging prototype before production.
Many products require a specific method of packaging: e.g. multi-layer protection or special inserts that hold the product. We will design structures for you that will perfectly protect your product by successfully replacing protective foil fillings or plastic moldings.

Ecological packaging and boxes

Ecological boxes allow you to design packaging according to your own idea in such a way as to prevent the formation of too much waste and the carbon footprint. Paper packaging and cardboard boxes are an excellent alternative to plastic packaging charged with additional fees or environmental taxes. Thanks to this, we can save and contribute to the protection of the planet in one action. More and more people are not indifferent to the state of our environment. Thanks to this, your company will surely win in the eyes of consumers who will be even more likely to choose the products you have created. Custom-made eco boxes and packaging are also a great way to distinguish your brand from the competition due to unique designs with your own logo or the highest quality prints of your choice. Our many years of experience in the printing industry allow us to meet all the expectations and needs of modern customers. During each order, we guarantee attention to detail, proposing creative ideas and an individual approach, which in this field is of great importance. Create ecological cardboard packaging with us today and trust professionals!

A wide range of solutions

We can produce ecological packaging and boxes in many specifications, including various refinement techniques. Below we have marked some of them – if you are looking for something more – write to us, we will find a solution for you!








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