Advertising boxes

An increasing range of products is sold not only in stationary stores, but also via the Internet, where the competition is growing rapidly. How can you differentiate yourself from other companies while preventing your carbon footprint and contributing to the protection of the environment? The answer is eco advertising boxes made of 100% recycled materials, suitable for reprocessing after segregation. Thanks to them, your company will not only gain a unique product packaging that will stand out from the competition, but will also show your customers concern for the fate of the planet, thus encouraging them to take pro-ecological actions.



Boxes with logos

It is a great way to visually identify and increase the recognition of your brand on the market. Betmor printing house has over 20 years of experience in the printing industry. We offer high-quality printed boxes. These are primarily ecological, original projects. We create them in accordance with market trends and customer expectations.

Decorative advertising packaging

In our offer, you will find a wide selection of decorative cardboard boxes, so you can create a unique printed box for your gifts with us. Decorative cartons that are fully ecological are available. We produce boxes in various sizes – from small to large, as well as those with non-standard shapes and unique constructions. High-quality printing on advertising boxes made of 100% recycled paper or on kraft packaging is an ideal idea for packaging a product while maintaining care for the natural environment. Boxes with the logo are made using the hot-stamping method, using white eco ink and selective UV varnish or with other refinements. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to make packaging for you in accordance with your wishes in small or large quantities.

Advertising boxes with a logo – advantages

A good and inexpensive way to distinguish brand products on the market is an ecological advertising box with the company logo. In this simple way, you can increase the recognition of your products among customers. Numerous marketing studies show that the majority of the population is visual learners. A significant number of shop customers make purchases based on visual associations and it is much easier to remember products with a characteristic packaging. For this reason, a printed box with a carefully thought-out design in the spirit of eco is the perfect way to distinguish your product from competing products and attract the attention of most customers. It is much easier for customers to remember products with a carefully thought-out packaging design. This does not always mean that it has to be very avant-garde – sometimes a minimalist design with a well-designed logo and skillfully placed information about the product will be much better remembered. Thanks to consulting in this area, we provide our customers with satisfaction with the boxes that we prepare for them.

Unique solutions
for unique products

Advertising boxes are supposed to enchant with their effect. Thanks to the use of mass-dyed raw materials, special printing techniques and refinements – we can make a unique impression with a simple box!
We approach each such project individually – we will develop it for you with passion!







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