Stitched brochures and catalogues

As a printing house with many years of experience, we offer professional printing of catalogs and sewn brochures, which are perfect for many different industries. They are an excellent proposition for all companies that want to stand out from the competition, as well as take care of their image in an original way. It is an excellent form of investment that will always pay off. Mainly due to the high quality of materials with excellent performance parameters. The effect is always in line with expectations, so we encourage you to contact us and learn more about the details!

A simple form of communication

Stitched binding, that is multi-page printouts connected with staples, are great for example leaflets and information brochures, product manuals, local, cultural, city and promotional guides.

Stitched brochures are also the most common form of commercial newsletters and custom publishing magazines – especially in the FMCG industry.

What are sewn catalogs?

Stitched catalogs are a simple and extremely popular form of binding designed for publications with a small number of pages – from 8 to 64. Multi-sided printouts connected with staples will work as product instructions, local, cultural, city and promotional information, as well as classic leaflets. Our printing house can deliver them at an express pace, both in offset and digital printing.

Tailor-made catalogues

The offered sewn catalogs have many advantages. First of all, they are always fully refined and comfortable to use. The cover perfectly adheres to the inside of the brochure, thanks to which even repeated opening and closing of the catalog does not cause any defects. This means that the product will always look as if it had just been delivered from the printing house. The strong paper is resistant to accidental tearing, and the precise sewing guarantees durability and strength. The brochures we offer are literally tailor-made, because the customer can decide on many parameters by choosing the type of paper, graphics, format or surface finish. Prints of sewn materials can be made on ordinary and ecological raw materials, and with or without refinement.

Different types of raw materials and inputs

Stitched catalogs are the fastest type of product to produce. We can deliver their simple forms in no time – both in offset and digital printing.
Prints of sewn materials can be made on ordinary and ecological raw materials with or without refinements – our customer advisors will help you in choosing the specifications!

How can you use sewn catalogs?

Sewed catalogs and brochures can be used as a showcase of the company or a sales tool in which the offered products will be described. There is a great variety in this respect. In addition, sewn catalogs are perfect for meetings with clients, and can also be given to guests by hostesses during industry events. Therefore, it is worth adjusting the form and purpose of catalogs to individual needs and business plans.

Betmor printing house – an experienced manufacturer of sewn catalogs

We are a long-term manufacturer of sewn catalogs, and our experience in the industry means that we are able to meet the expectations of customers and thus effectively meet their needs. We specialize in printing sewn brochures, which we make with great care and attention to the smallest details. We guarantee high quality, full professionalism, reliability and punctuality, as well as fast execution of each order. Projects are always tailored to the individual needs of contractors, as well as adapted to their content or the nature of their business. We invite you to cooperate today – we provide attractive conditions and support at every stage!


Stitched brochures can be produced in many specifications, including various finishing techniques. Below we have marked some of them – if you are looking for something more – write to us, we will find a solution for you!








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