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Nowadays, we are more and more willing to use the Internet form of selling and purchasing various types of products. This, in turn, results in strong competition on the market, over which entrepreneurs try to gain a significant advantage. Nevertheless, before starting any action, surely each of them wonders how to achieve the set goal? The best idea is cardboard packaging produced from raw materials that are biodegradable, do not have a negative impact on the natural environment, and also come from recycling and are suitable for reprocessing after segregation. Thanks to this, they are absolutely safe for the natural environment, and at the same time they are perfect for numerous sectors of the modern economy. This type of packaging is also distinguished by a stylish print. Therefore, by placing your branded products in printed cardboard packaging, you prove every time that your brand focuses on pro-ecological solutions and is worth trusting.

Printed cardboard packaging – pluses

Coherent and transparent visual identification of the brand is a process aimed at increasing the recognition of a given company in a specific industry, with the hope of significant profits. There is a seemingly simple, but very effective method for this – cardboard packaging with a company print. They have many advantages, first of all, they have a strong impact on the recipient. And at the same time the most important benefit, is that such boxes attract the customer’s attention, thus encouraging them to buy a specific product again. It is also worth investing in cardboard packaging because of the possibility of their full adaptation to the customer’s needs. We create original packaging designs based only on the highest standards, taking into account ecological aspects.

Packaging printing house Poznań – offered assortment

Betmor, the manufacturer of cardboard packaging, uses only the highest quality ecological materials, as well as modern solutions. Cardboard packaging is refined with hot-stamping methods, using white eco ink and selective UV varnish or with other refinements, thanks to which the graphics are durable and resistant to damage. We prepare them to order, making every effort to ensure that the produced boxes are useful and delight with their perfect appearance. With these aspects in mind, the packaging printing house in the city of Poznań makes them in any size and shape, thus striving to meet the expectations of customers even with the most creative imagination. At the same time, it is the best proof that the employees of the Betmor printing house in Poznań are perfectly familiar with the latest marketing trends in individual industries. They form a team of staunch enthusiasts of their profession, which in turn guarantees services at the highest level.

Betmor cardboard packaging – your chance for business success and a clean environment

Betmor packaging printing house in the city of Poznań enjoys the trust of business owners, for whom the main goal is to distinguish the activities of their own enterprise from the competition. Creating aesthetic cardboard packaging with an effective print is a key activity in the marketing strategy of each company. This is because the vast majority of people, when shopping online, first pay attention to the design of the box, and only then to its actual content. That is why cardboard packaging made to order at the Betmor printing house is worthy of special attention, especially if you are just starting an online business and want to promote your own brand products. What’s more, these items have unique features. All cardboard packaging is made with strict adherence to specific procedures, which are supposed to guarantee a fully nature-friendly production process. This is confirmed by certificates awarded by renowned brands and institutions, such as Ecolabel, FSC and PEFC, Blue Angel (Blauer Engel). For this reason, we also reach for kraft paper with passion, because it comes from recycling and is additionally highly durable. Printing on eco raw materials allows you to print in selected colors, e.g. white printing on kraft raw materials. Thanks to the use of paints with BIO components, the packaging will be more environmentally friendly.

Betmor cardboard packaging is a field for your imagination

Cardboard packaging made to order in the Betmor printing house in Poznań is truly original. This is possible thanks to the biodegradable materials from which they are made. Cardboard packaging is also a full field for the creativity of the client, because the items from the Betmor manufacturer are ideal for direct printing. It is important that solid board is quite resistant to various external factors, unlike other paper materials, and thanks to this, packaging made of it is willingly used in various industries. If a given product requires a specific way of packaging, such as multi-layer protection or a special retaining insert, we will design a structure that perfectly protects it. This is especially important for delicate products such as perfumes, cosmetics or small electronics. Such solutions are a great substitute for e.g. plastic moldings and other forms of fillings. This gives the opportunity to better display the image of the product, as well as the impressions during the so-called unboxing. In addition, it improves the environmental performance of the packaging.

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