Cosmetic boxes

Cosmetic, drugstore and beauty products require special care for packaging.

A wide range of cosmetics features that are supposed to care for the beauty of your customers must be reflected in the first contact with the product, and this contact is with the packaging.

We will help you create a packaging that will reflect the unique features of your cosmetics!




Printing and finishing

Designer packaging of cosmetics can be produced effectively and efficiently. And we know how to do it. Sometimes it will be a unique color from the Pantone palette and skilful refinement with hot-stamping. Another time, a properly good soft-touch foil with selective varnish.

What should packaging for cosmetics look like?

The beauty industry is extremely demanding, also in terms of maintaining the highest level of aesthetics in every matter. Huge competition on the market makes new products worth distinguishing from others at all costs, and a great way to do this is to interest the customer with the outer packaging, which is the first thing everyone pays attention to when doing shopping. For this reason, it is worth choosing cardboard packaging for cosmetics according to your own design, which is a much better solution than ready-made models.

Boxes for cosmetics – made to measure

In designing your own cardboard packaging for cosmetics, the only limit is your imagination, which is highly valued in the beauty industry. Taking on new challenges in the form of designing boxes for cosmetic products is not an easy task, but very profitable from the point of view of the benefits of such a solution. Thanks to interesting and attractive projects, you can win the heart of the customer, even if the proposed product is not unique, because what counts is the presentation of it from the best side. As a manufacturer of cosmetic packaging in Poznań, we know the secrets of this project very well, which is why we will be happy to guide you through this process and make cosmetic boxes especially for you, which will be literally made to measure.

Each cosmetics box must go through several design and production stages to finally become a finished product. During collaboration, the first step is for the client to present his concept for the project and for us to propose our changes, which, after approval, allow you to proceed to the implementation of the task. The client can learn about the stage we are working on at a given moment.

Cosmetics boxes

Our consultants will help you find a solution that will make your cosmetic stand out on the shelf. Cosmetics are one of the most popular products available on the market. If your company specializes in their production, we have an excellent offer for you. We are ready to design especially for you the highest quality cardboard boxes for cosmetics, regardless of their shape or capacity, because we offer small and large packaging, also with non-standard dimensions. We also undertake difficult, demanding projects where many years of experience in the printing industry and creativity are essential. We have a team of professionals who perform their work with great commitment, focusing on the smallest details, thanks to which the completed projects meet all expectations and needs, and we approach each of them individually. We invite you to cooperate today!

Eco packaging for cosmetics – for the love of nature

The eco packaging for cosmetics we create is made of the highest quality materials that are biodegradable, do not have a negative impact on the natural environment, and also come from recycling and are suitable for reprocessing after segregation. These types of raw materials are resistant to damage, distortion or dents and allow you to reduce the amount of waste, and also meet all applicable standards. Our ecological approach stems from love for nature, which should be taken care of at all costs, regardless of the technologies or solutions used. In addition, it is worth knowing that eco packaging for cosmetics is highly valued by customers, a much larger part of whom pays attention to taking care of the natural environment and living in an eco-friendly way.

It is also good to know that the design of packaging, which does not always have to be conspicuous to be remembered. Many studies have proven that customers also often pay attention to minimalist cosmetic boxes with a limited number of prints, which are aesthetically pleasing and skillfully designed. We are well aware of this, which is why in our printing house we create original packaging designs based only on the highest standards, taking into account ecological aspects. As a result, we already enjoy a wide range of customers satisfied with the boxes we prepare for them.

Discover all the benefits of working with our printing house

There are many benefits of working with our printing house and it is worth getting to know them all. First of all, as a manufacturer of packaging for cosmetics, we can boast of many years of experience and functioning on the printing market, which allows us to meet the expectations of modern customers and meet their needs. Creating personalized cardboard packaging for cosmetics can be a perfect complement to the brand’s philosophy and the nature or purpose of specific products. It is also worth using the idea of designing completely different boxes for cosmetics dedicated to women and men. The series may differ in colors or graphics, thanks to which each gender will feel distinguished.

Variants intended for lovers of care or makeup can have pastel colors, while shaving products for men will encourage them to buy, for example, when they see a black series of cosmetics with typically masculine prints on a drugstore shelf. It is worth at all costs to match the type and design of the packaging to a specific cosmetic so that its appearance refers to the content. It’s a great idea whether you’re selling online or through a brick-and-mortar store. Boxes for cosmetics are refined with hot-stamping methods, using white eco ink and UV selective varnish or with other refinements, thanks to which the graphics are durable and resistant to damage. Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to make packaging for you in accordance with your wishes in small or large quantities.

Dedicated constructions of packaging and inserts

Jars with creams or multi-shaped, original perfume bottles may require special packaging structures. We will design them for you and before production we will provide you with a prototype of the packaging.

We also design dedicated solutions for securing and holding products, which give an additional effect when opening the cosmetic.

A wide range of solutions

Packaging and boxes for cosmetics can be produced in many specifications, including various finishing techniques. Below we have marked some of them – if you are looking for something more – write to us, we will find a solution for you!








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